1. General Questions

1What does your app?
App for Spy is a powerful monitoring app which is extremely easy to use. It is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. App for Spy is absolutely undetectable, so you may not worry about this issue. You will get all required data from target device into your dashboard by means of Internet connection.
2Is it reliable and secretive?
You may be 100% sure that user of your target device won't have any clue of your surveillance activities. The application is totally hidden and won't be displayed anywhere on the target device.
3Can I get your support if I need?
You can always rely on us. Our Client Support Team is always online via our chat. You also can contact us using email and we'll give you response as quickly as possible.
4Will it work in my country?
App For Spy works all over the world, so it doesn't depend on your location.
5Is it legal?
Yes. You also can always ask for more Legal Info using online chat or by simply sending us an email.
6Will it work on my target device?
App for Spy is supported on ALL Android and jailbroken iOS devices.

2. Payment Questions

1What does the purchase look like?
The purchase process is very simple. Find the subscription type you need, click on Buy now button on the corresponding page of website and follow the guidelines. It will only take you a few minute. And in a moment you’ll get your App for Spy and customer support in exchange. You can find more info in Buy Now section.
2How can I pay for it?
You can choose a payment method which will be the most convenient for you. PayPal or credit cards like American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or Wire Transfer. You are free to choose.
3What will be mentioned in my bank statement after I make a purchase?
Don't worry. The name of app or any mentions like "spy app" or similar will not appear anywhere in statements or bills.
4Can I get a refund?
Yes, you can always request a refund. You can find more info about it in the Refund Policy section.

3. Installation & Usage

1Do I need physical access to my target device?
Yes, you will need to have your target device in your hands only once - in order to install the app. The rest of the monitoring process will be done without any direct access to the device. You will be able to manage everything remotely.
2Do I need any special knowledge or technical skills to install this app?
No! You need neither special knowledge and skills nor somebody’s assistance. You will only need to follow the installation guide given you in the email. The installation process is very easy and quick! It takes less than 5 minutes!
3Can I get your support if I need?
4Will it work in my country?
5Can I get technical support if I need?
Sure. Our Customers’ Support Team is available 24/7, so whenever you need it - you will get a professional help.
6Do I have to jailbreak (for iOS) or root (for Android) of my target device?
iOS: Yes, iOS devices need to be jailbroken for any App for Spy features to work. Android: No. App for Spy can be installed on non-rooted devices. But some features may require root, so before the purchase - contact us.

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